PERC Pet Emergency & Referral Center

24/7 Emergency: (561) 691-9999

Fax:  561-775-0094

3579 Northlake Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

At PERC we take our mission very seriously.  At the very least, we are making lives better, but often we are saving them.  Therefore, only those with that mind-set need apply.  That being said, we have a great and fun loving staff and a family type atmosphere.  Every single person has an important job to do and it takes all of us for our hospital to function properly.  Since we are a 24 hour facility, we often have room for new comers to fill various positions, so even if we do not have a vacant position posted here, please contact us to inquire about a position.


Veterinarians:  Veterinarians with emergency experience are always welcome, as we can usually spare various shifts here and there to give our busy E.R. docs some extra R&R.


To inquire about employment contact Nicole Bova through our main line:  561-691-9999

Pet Emergency & Referral Center

3579 Northlake Blvd.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

24/7 Main Line: 561-691-9999

PERC Pet Emergency & Referral Center

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