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While we at PERC provide very important services through emergency and specialty care, it is EXTREMELY important to remember that preventative care, nutrition, and long term & follow up care are paramount to your pet's health. Therefore, it is very important to establish and grow a good and long standing relationship with a local primary care veterinarian so you have someone who knows you and your pet and you have an expert in preventative healthcare and nutrition as well as early screening and ongoing medicine. Remember, that while it may seem sometimes that you take your pet to your veterinarian often, and maybe more often than you do for yourself or other family members, your pet's biological time-line is much different than that of a human. So not going to your vet for 2 years, would be like similar to you not going to the doctor for 10-18 years in a row. Below is a growing list of primary care veterinarians within our area. Unfortunately, we cannot make specific recommendations to our clients as to which primary care office to see, but we always want to help where we can. Therefore, we have compiled this list to help aid our clients in conducting their own research as to which vet they feel is best for them.


Primary Care Vets: Please contact us about being listed on our site as a primary care veterinarian in our area. We often have clients that are either new pet owners or new to the area and look for recommendations for a primary vet to see on a regular basis. Since we serve so many wonderful primary vets as a referral service, it is impossible for us to make precise recommendations to our clients; but we encourage them to seek preventative and general health care for their animals and want to make this as easy for them as possible. Therefore, we can refer them to this web page so they may conduct their own research unto which clinic, hospital, or mobile service to choose for their pet's ongoing healthcare needs. Please contact us if any information listed here is incomplete or incorrect.

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